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Dr M. Ajith Kumar Chennai

“The device is giving amazing results. I have tried in neuropathy, plantar fasciitis & insomnia. I am highly impressed” .My patients have also reported Stress reduction, rapid relief of back and sciatica pain.

Dr Irfan Shaik Kadappah

“I just want to share an experience …A patient of mine who is a district judge and is a frequent visitor to my clinic for cervical spondylitis. He had a session of our device .Next day he called up to inform was very happy because he had a very sound sleep. After a long time he experienced this type of sleep it seems.

Dr Ravi Akbari Ahmedabad

It is an effective tool having excellent results. I have the excellent results on Knee & heel pain. I have seen rapid decrease in the patient’s pain & swelling.90% of the patients report very good relief. It helps keep my patients satisfied and spread a word of mouth about my clinic

Dr Danish Khan Haldwani

We had tried the device on most of patients and found it to be very effective. Almost all of our patients experienced the relief within 4-5 sessions. Apart from our regular patients, we had a patient with a case of chronic migraine headache. After 5 sessions in 20 days with the device, the patient commented that his daily frequency of the migraine attack has dropped down drastically & had only 1 incidence within these 20 days.