In 2003, Thomas J. Goodwin published a study at carried out at NASA. He hypothesized that adding a magnetic component to previous studies on the use of DC current, physiological voltage gradients,  and electric fields may be the missing link.

Goodwin concluded, “As is clearly demonstrated in the human body, the bioelectric, biochemical
process of electrical nerve stimulation is a documented reality.” In other words, it works and it works very well.

Similarly Russian Astronaut Yuri Gagarin provided us with the first scientific evidence of the human body’s total dependence on pulsed electromagnetic fields.  In 1961, Gagarin circled our planet for 108 minutes at 18,000 miles an hour. Upon returning to Earth, Gagarin suffered extreme depression, diminished metabolism, reduced perception, bone tissue loss, and even muscle tissuedeterioration.  Russian space scientists quickly determined that human cells, deprived of the Earth’s natural pulsed electromagnetic field, will die very quickly.

Since then PEMF therapy has evolved quickly into a cutting-edge technology – which is often referred to as “The Fifth Element.” Along with food, water, oxygen and sleep, the body needs PEMF to survive