The existence of electrostatic currents inside human body can be seen using ECG, EEG and EMG. Human body is like a Bio-battery made up of 70-100 trillion cells.

Each cell carries an electric charge known as the "cell membrane potential". A healthy cell has membrane potential between 70 mV to 90 mV that powers the biology of our lives & controls the daily activities such as thinking, talking, moving, digesting foods, and coping with diseases.

This membrane potential decreases with the age, sedentary lifestyle, & a variety of pollutants, stress, & acidified foods. Once the cell membrane potential drops below 70mV, nutrient, oxygen, and H2O cannot get in; waste and carbon dioxide cannot get out; and too much toxins, sodium and hydrogen stay inside the cell. It becomes an unhealthy cell and a cause for disease.

You can think of the cells in our bodies as tiny batteries generating energy. They need to be recharged, in the same way your cell phone's battery needs to be recharged.
High Voltage Micro currents Therapy is like an induction charging for the cells in the body. It is similar to the latest high range mobile phones & iwatch wireless charging.

It is wireless power transfer through induction. The electromagnetic field produced by the charger surface excites the electrons in the battery (makes them spin around faster), and recharges the battery inside the phone.

It also helps to increase the negative ions in the body, enhance our immune system. When the amount of negative Ions increase, the Gamma Globulin in the blood increases resulting in blood rich in protein and antibodies.

Negative Ions purify blood cells. According to Dr. Tanaka, when - Ionization is introduced, the Ions in calcium and natrium (common salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified by increased blood alkalinity.

Negative Ions control the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Tanaka found that negative Ions control the balance in the Autonomic Nervous System between the insulin and adrenal functions. This provides strong resistance to diseases.

Negative Ions revive the cell. When the amount of negative Ions in the blood is increased, the function of a cell is activated. The electrical material exchange speeds up the cell function, and, as a result, nutrition is fully absorbed by the cell and waste material is eliminated. Metabolism is increased and the function of the cell is gradually revived.High electric Potential Therapy enhances The Power of Natural Healing.

When a cell is stimulated, it allows positive charges to enter the cell through open ion channels. The inside of the cell then becomes more positively charged, which triggers further electrical currents that can turn into electrical pulses, called action potentials. Our bodies use certain patterns of action potentials to initiate the correct movements, thoughts and behaviors.

A disruption in electrical currents can lead to illness. High Voltage Micro Currents can restore the disruption of the electrical current to its normal state, therefore, helping restore the cell.
Our Cells Are Tiny Batteries That Need Recharging

Low voltage in our cells is what causes them to malfunction, resulting in illness and pain.